We're hiring Social Media Managers!

We are searching for a talented social media manager to represent our company by building a social media presence for our brands, working from home is also accepted.

The social media manager will be required to run advertising campaigns and drive engagement by creating high-quality original content.

Social Media Manager Job Description

You should also engage influencers, manage our community by responding to comments, and oversee our customer service across all platforms and you should possess a wealth of pertinent marketing experience. Ultimately, a top-notch social media manager should back their expertise by creating and sharing all relevant technical documents.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

Learn about the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills we are looking for in a Social Media Manager.

Social Media Manager Responsibilities

Running company social media advertising campaigns.

Formulating high-quality novel written and visual content for each social media campaign.

Building a social media presence by maintaining a solid online presence.

Monitoring the company's brand on social media.

Building brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers.

Managing our online communities to ensure respectful and appropriate engagement.

Responding to comments on each of our accounts.

Overseeing customer service provided via social media.

Analyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectives.

Coaching employees company-wide on content creation best practices.


If you're capable of handling those responsibilities stated above. Please email us at


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